You're Invited to the Healthy Habits Miniseries!

Hosted by Dr. Mark DeBrincat

Join Dr. Mark DeBrincat as he hosts special Guest Speakers for this exciting miniseries on the exact healthy habits that Dr. Mark and his family use daily for health and happiness! Now more than ever it is important to start thinking PROACTIVELY about your health.

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Mon, Mar 30: Supporting a Healthy Immune System

Featuring Guest Speakers, Melford and Concetta Bibens, learn how essential oils play a role in combating harmful pathogens and supporting a healthy immune system.​​

Tues, Mar. 31: Foundations for Healthy Living​​

Featuring Guest Speaker (and Dr. Mark's parents!), Ray & Susan DeBrincat, learn how vital nutrition plays a key role in creating a health foundation for life. In today's world, with the way our foods are grown and processed, we miss out on many of the healthy vitamins and minerals we need.

Wed, Apr. 1: The Air We Breathe

Featuring Guest Speaker, Iam Hedendal, learn just how much the air we breathe impacts our body​ and mind. What creepy things are we actually breathing in when were sitting at home? ​

Thurs, Apr. 2: Cellular Renewal

Featuring Guest Speakers, Tom Muehlbauer, Bob Doran, Bill Resides and Dr. Jospeh Bird, learn just how critical it is to have optimal blood flow for a health life and how to support healthy cellular renewal.

Fri, Apr. 3: Optimizing Your Neurology

Featuring Guest Speaker, Ron Hoover, learn how advances in technology have allowed us to support the neurology of our body. ​

Mon, Apr 6: Recovery from Within 

Featuring Guest Speaker, Sheri Clarke, learn how each cell is vital to your daily living in order to help protect, rejuvenate, and restore your life.

Tues, Apr 7: Victory over Fear 

Featuring Guest Speaker, Dr. Charles Stanley, discussing his latest sermon " How to live with peace and confidence in the midst of a frightening world".

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